About Us

I am a mom, a working mom like so many millions of other American women. We face many situations day by day and must be able to juggle, bob, and weave at any given moment. I, as a professional deal with a high profile clientele that can be quite demanding, but I am mom primarily. I have a daughter and two sons ranging from the ages of seven to eleven. There are school activities, dance classes, sports, play dates, and sometimes and endless cavalcade of the kid’s friends in my home. This pinball life style is managed by a few key aspects, family unity, acceptance, and above all organization.

I have searched for help with the daily from the available workforce, only to find that there were more restrictions to the work they will not do, than the work that truly needed to be done. There is also a transient nature to the professionals in the housekeeping workforce. One comes in for a few weeks, then another needs to be found, and quickly, to keep up with my family’s hectic world. The idea hit me! What if I started a company that was built on trust with clients, and a never wavering commitment to excellence? I envisioned my needs, top to bottom showroom ready home. Spaces and items perfected to a gleam.

I realized from my own experience there was a market and a need, for a company that would go the extra miles, and go deep with cleaning and sanitation of our sanctuaries. The home is where we recharge, love, learn of one another, and watch each other grow. Having an organized and completely

clean environment only allows for time with family that matters. How often have you spent looking for that favorite blanket, before we can get a little one in the car? Organization is the key to getting on the road. Picture it, a space for everything and everything in its place! What would happen if a house cleaning company could do all these things and more? That is why I established Estate Cleaning Services. A service that not only functions as a trusted house cleaning service, but organizes all things from closets to drawers, to errands like dry cleaning, light food shopping, and more. It is having a cleaning team that creates an environment to its optimal level, while having a personal assistant as well. Our presence can be completely at your service, or as quiet and undetectable as the air system, all the while recreating your sacred environment into an organizational oasis, as we all dream about.

The struggle of life does not have to be so monstrous and daunting. I have found that balancing a career and a hectic family quite rewarding, especially now that I know I have the specific service for my very specific needs. It makes taking that next step in my career obtainable, while having the warm and loving satisfaction of caring for the ones I cherish above anything else.

Having a company that takes extra steps, and goes the extra mile, gives me great pride, especially because providing the best of all possible service is my prime directive as a professional women. There is an incredible wave of delight knowing that a client is not just happy, but wowed. It is my goal, to take this wonderful idea of the extra mile, and coming up with new and exciting ways to expand on a winning idea. We at Estate Cleaning Services will give you back the most precious commodity, other than a home that’s top to bottom, left to right, neat as a pin, we will give you time.